About the Class

Websites Beyond The Page is a class taught by Ilona Brand and Meghna Dholakia . In this class, we teach folks to use websites as a medium for creative expression. We lean into the personal, the playful, and the poetic. We explore questions like: how might a website change with the seasons? What can the web do that print can’t? What if a website had to forget? How do we build a website to last for an age? To study those questions, this course introduces students to the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Spring 2023: Type Electives

This session was taught at Type Electives , a new school for type design. Over 5 weeks we explored what websites can do, culminating in personal projects.

What can a Website do that a Book can't?

An exploration of the special properties of the web

  1. A website can move
  2. A website can be updated
  3. A website can be interactive
  4. A website can link to other websites
  5. A website costs less to publish
  6. A website can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection
  7. A website can change based on who is looking at them.
  8. A website can read itself to you
  9. A website knows what time it is
  10. A website knows how many people have accessed it
  11. A website can change fonts
  12. A website can look different every time you visit
  13. A website uses data
  14. A website's design and structure are public
  15. A website can't be burnt (though it's data center can)
  16. A website can be hacked
  17. A website can hear you and see you (if you let it)